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The Real Reasons you’re still Zoom Fatigued

And what to do about it

Two People talking maxes out your ability to listen

Your attention has a limited bandwidth, just like your internet. It’s hard to measure, but some estimates have put your attention span at 120 bits per second. One person talking is ~60 bits per second. If there’s crosstalk in your meeting, it saps your ability to focus.

Watching yourself that much isn’t natural.

It’s a Zoom default feature to have your self-view on. Even more strange — you are the same size as the other folks in the session!

We need eye contact to communicate.

It’s impossible to make eye-contact on a video call. And it turns out that eye contact is nourishing, stimulating, humanizing and transformative.

Constant Gazing is Numbing

The fixed “brady bunch grid” of a zoom call can become numbing over time, due to the Troxler Effect. Our neurons simple get used to any fixed stimulus over time.

Have a silent meeting.

After you kick off your next meeting, have *everyone* turn off their video and get on a shared document together. Then turn off your mics and have a collaborative written conversation around the agenda topics.

You might be having too many meetings

It’s way too easy to default to a meeting to solve a challenge. Try having smaller and fewer meetings and working asynchronously. This approach takes discipline and trust, but it’s worth asking, as a team, “do we meet too much?

Rethink your Meeting Operating System.

It’s easy to blame zoom. The fact is, your meetings weren’t that awesome in January — Sorry!

All real living is Meeting

These words, from Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, are a goal for all of us to reach for in our gatherings, every week, each day: How can we make them come alive?



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