Rocking Chairs and Tripods

How I keep it simple for online facilitation

Like many of you, I’m doing a lot more facilitating online. I’ve posted about my set up elsewhere and people keep asking! So, here it is, plain and simple.


I found this gem and I love it to pieces. It’s really fun to use. Seriously.

Oh…and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


This lovely piece of kit is super sturdy and collapses down to nearly nothing when I don’t want to see it.

That side panel of the tripod is handy. I can clip all sorts of things to it, like a light or a clip arm for a mic if I’m doing a video for a course or a conference.

What else?

I do have an ancient iPad Mini that I use as a side-monitor along with a Mountie Clip. The thing works amazingly well.

The iPad usually has two Chrome tabs open in it: My Agenda in SessionLab and a spreadsheet of any special groups I need to form during the session for breakouts.

Bonus: Visual Capture

My first portable deck was this projector stand from Vankyo. I now use it as a low table for when I want to do visual capture and live sketching for workshops.

Live capture of insights, posters of key concepts and a visual agenda are key components of my in-person masterclasses. So when I finally bought an IPEVO document camera, it felt like getting back an essential part of me.

I also *just* started playing with MC Squares to sketch on instead of paper. They are wet-erase, reusable sticky notes. They are fun and they can replace 48,000 sticky notes. So…that’s awesome.

What’s on your must-have facilitation set up?

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